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The Phone Tracker application was designed to monitor and store the activities from the Android smartphones. We wanted to develop a cell tracker software that will monitor the basic activities (being ideal for those who use the phone occasionally), the social media activities (being ideal for parents) but using it you can store all contacts/ calendar events (being suitable if you want to create a full back-up).

For installing the application please read this install guide.

Among the most important feature of our cell phone tracker we can mention:

GPS logs - Using this phone tracker you can see the GPS coordinates of the phones linked to your account. Will also be displayed a map where you can see exactly all GPS positions.

SMS and MMS - By installing our cell tracer software you can view all text or multimedia messages.

Phone calls - The details of all phone calls will be stored and the conversations will be recorded.

Ambient recordings - Just send an SMS and our cell phone tracker will start to record the ambient for 10 minutes.

System and ring profiles - This category includes activities such as power on/off, SIM card change notifications and logs about switching the ring profiles. By using our cell tracer app you know everything about those changes.

Live control - You can control the application and the phone by sending SMS commands

Calendar logs - With this phone tracker you can see if a new event has been added and all details about the calendar activities will be saved

Internet activity monitor - The name of the domain and the date when it was accessed will be saved by the present cell tracer software

Contacts - Cell tracker can create a backup of your contacts (by using the SMS commands) or just track all new contacts.

Photos - This cell phone tracker software will track any picture taken or downloaded.

Social apps - This category includes Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, Skype and Line. Our cell tracker app is monitoring those apps only if the target phone is root-ed